Bygone Treasures Shop vs The Hidden Antique Shop

Confused about picking one of these fun hidden objects games to play? Then read this article and find out about their features and what they offer. Bygone Treasures Shop vs The Hidden Antique Shop large

Hidden objects games came to the scene some time ago, and if you ask someone what they offer, you’ll mostly hear about the intriguing gameplay that these games offer, right?

Well, to clear things up for you, these games are much more than just finding the hidden objects in every scene. In fact, as time went by, more and more innovations and features were added to the genre and there’s a reason this genre is just as loved even today. Two of our favorite game series, both developed by MonsteraGames, in the genre are Bygone Treasures Shop and The Hidden Antique Shop and choosing one of them can be a bit challenging as they both offer thrilling gameplay and so much more.

To help you pick one or, to simply help you get familiar with the differences in the game, we’ve done thorough research and we’re sure by the end of this article, you’ll have a much clear perspective on why both of these games are timeless and how they’re so similar yet so different. Starting with Bygone Treasures Shop, this game is popular among fans of the hidden objects genre because it came with different game modes for players to enjoy. You could choose to play the timed mode, or you could try the simple mode without any time limitations.

Obviously, other amazing features like hints were also there, but this particular aspect, along with the gameplay, visuals, and level collection, just so you can revisit a level you like, made it an instant hit.

Moving on to The Hidden Antique Shop, the game features a relatively-unique zoom-in feature. If you were ever stuck on a scene and just couldn’t locate the item, you had the option to zoom-in for a better look. It definitely comes in handy when you're playing on the mobile phone, that's for sure!

As we've laid out in our previous "Why we love playing The Hidden Antique Shop series?" article, the gameplay is very entertaining as well. Couple that with the fact that it had tons of challenging levels along with side quests and puzzles simply made it a fan favorite. Similar to Bygone Treasures Shop, The Hidden Antique Shop has a hint button, but since this is a time-based hidden object game, you also get a time-extension booster that will give you some extra time to find that elusive last hidden object.

All things considered, despite having a similar theme, both games are charming in their own separate ways, and offers different gaming experiences for newcomers and fans of the hidden objects genre, alike! If you're unsure which game you'd like to dive into first, hopefully, our article would be able to help you... but of course, since both hidden objects games are free to play anyway, why not play them both?

Of course, if you're one of those hidden object aces who have already completed both games, kudos! You might still want to check out the exciting sequels for these titles, or any other hidden object games really by going to our list of fun hidden objects games.

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