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Scouring the internet for some fun video games that also help keep your brain active? Look no further as we’ve got the perfect games just for you! Play Fun Games for the Elderly on Bombagames.co.il large

Gaming as a whole has come a long way, and it’s not just with fast-paced games like first-person shooters and action-adventure games that the young ones love. According to this article by WHO, the population of the elderly in the world has increased exponentially from 1 billion people in 2020 to 1.4 billion in 2022. With such an immense and diverse potential audience, gaming has evolved to serve not just the needs of the few, but everyone’s needs!

Today, we’re mainly going to be focused on introducing you to an amazing, free gaming platform that specializes in games for the elderly called Bombagames.co.il. So, what makes this site so special?

Easy-To-Use Accessibility Options

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to use a website, only to find out that you can't because it doesn't provide any accessibility options, especially for seniors who may need larger texts or a dimmer background. And that is why ease of accessibility is key in making every user feel welcomed and accommodated.

Bombagames.co.il provides a good selection of accessibility tools. These tools include the ability to increase or minimize the text sizes, change the color contrast and grayscale, have a brighter background for specific games, enlarge and clearer font types, and the list goes on.

Games That Help Train The Brain

It has been proven time and time again that gaming is helpful for keeping your brain mentally active. This is why we recommend seniors play more video games - it's just a win-win all around!

On Bombagames.co.il, you will find an array of interesting games that can help stimulate your brain, or help you relax. Think of it as exercising your brain as much as it is staving off boredom, which can be linked to a whole rat's nest of issues.

It Just Keeps Growing

When you’re on the web looking for fun HTML 5 games for the third age, most of the time you probably prefer it if the website or platform had a plethora of games that you could choose from instead of just a measly few. Rest assured that what you’ll find here will pique your interest, and there will definitely be more from where they came from!

In fact, you can expect more of your favorite games to come including those from Games4grandma, be it from the Hidden-Object genre, the Puzzle genre, the Cards genre, and any of the other exciting genres we have!

On a final note, Bombagames.co.il is localized for the elderly in Israel, and thus uses Hebrew throughout the site. So, if you know someone who would love to play games for the elderly, or as they say in Hebrew, משחקים למבוגרים, make sure to get them on board and start gaming!

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