Top 5 Match-3 Puzzle Games that are Fun to Play!

So if you are looking for an enjoyable and entertaining way to do it, check out this list of the top five Match-3 puzzle games that we can guarantee are fun to play. Top 5 Match-3 Puzzle Games that are Fun to Play! large

Enjoy and have fun with Match-3 puzzle games designed to be enjoyed for all ages. You can easily play them in your browser and do not need to download files for you to play. So, have a look at some of the games we have listed below.


Matching tiles in Tile Master Match

Step into the world of Farm Heroes Saga and enjoy a game filled with adorably designed tiles and farm-themed backgrounds. There are a lot of levels that you can enjoy, along with useful power-ups to use. The graphics are in 2D and the artworks are well combined to the smooth and fluid animation of the blocks.

The goal is to remove the required tiles before you run out of Coups and these conditions are stated at the top part of your screen. The most basic way to remove tiles is to line up those having the same design vertically or horizontally. There are other designs and combinations you can do to finish them a bit faster.

So relax and enjoy a game on the wide-open farm and clear all the levels!


Almost to the goal in Juicy Dash

Everyone loves fruits. They are (usually) sweet; they are brightly colored, and they just look so juicy! Play a game of Juicy Dash alongside them and let them enjoy the cute 2D designs combined with great animation that makes them move life-like. There is a bar on top of the screen which shows a set score goal you need to reach before the timer below it runs out. Remove the fruits from the board to obtain points and you can use power-ups you get when making specific tile combinations and using these will rack up a lot of points and let you clear the level faster. Try the game and have fun matching the fruits!


Collecting some treasure in Pirates! The Match-3

If you want to play with cute animal-themed games then Tile Master Match is something for you to consider. The game gives you a board full of tiles stacked on top of each other and you can only use the ones on the upper layer until you remove them and unlock those below. Clicking a tile takes it to the bar and waits for you to find two more of the same design to discard them for good. You get a total of seven tries before it is over and you restart the round.

Match blocks that feature adorable depictions of cows, chicks, giraffes, snakes is not only fun; it's very relaxing too!


Playing with the gnomes in Garden Tales 2

Go on an adventure and sail the high seas on Pirates! The Match-3. They sure will enjoy the cartoon-like designs of the background and tiles. You will be matching jewels and gems that the pirates love the most. Beat the clock and win the game if you reach the minimum score required to clear it. Grab some power-ups when clearing tiles in a certain way. The faster you finish a stage, the more stars you can get. So grab your pirate hats and collect some treasure!


Playing a level in Farm Heroes Saga

Have fun with gnomes in the match-3 game of Garden Tales 2. Take on the 2D world of flowers and fruits, filled with power-ups and boosters. Unlike the other games on the list where you battle against the clock, this one has a limited number of moves that count down to zero. This mechanic makes you think before you act and also gives great importance to maximizing the effects of your powerups. You don’t need to clear the board to win, you just have to complete the needed task given. Nothing is more relaxing than a game in the garden.

To sum it all up, these are the top 5 Match-3 games that you will want to play. The artwork is catered to be fun, exciting, and interesting while the gameplay is simple and easy to understand. So if you're looking for a match-3 game to enjoy, these are definitely the creme de la creme of the lot!

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