Why You Should Play Klondike

If you are looking for a farming simulation game brimming with content and features, then come check out a few reasons why you should start playing Klondike. Why You Should Play Klondike large

Below are some of the features which make Klondike enjoyable and fun that is sure to win your heart.

Great storyline and mission quests

The adventure begins in Klondike

Klondike is set up in a cold weathered region called the Blue Peaks Valley. From here onwards, you can travel to other places and look for your father and begin new adventures as long as you meet the required conditions. Each location will be different than the previous ones and they have their tasks and missions for you to meet and complete.

Simple controls for everyone

NeSimple game controls in Klondike

Making your way through the game is easy and does not require any complicated combinations. There are buttons all over your screen which you can click to activate their functions. If you want to interact with an item like a rock for example, then you will see a yellow highlight when you hover near it. Some of them have a counter that you need to meet to completely remove them. You must press on them multiple times or hold the button down to do so. Things like boulders, trees, grass, or anything that has a symbol of 0/X, with X being a variable number depending on the item. This is a feature that combines well with the Energy system in the game that makes you spend one point with every action you make. The counter is at the upper part of your screen and is indicated by a Lightning Bolt symbol. This means that you spend a lower amount of Energy when you chop down a smaller tree compared to a bigger one. You can also hire natives to work for you in case it requires more than what you have currently stored.

Packed full of content and features

Wide variety of items sold in Klondike

Klondike is a farming simulator that not only deals with crops and livestock but also other things like crafting and set collection. There is a large variety of crops that you can plant and reap, each with its uses. You also get different kinds of trees which give out the wood when you chop them down. Crafting requires their own set of materials and having a large selection of stocked items will help you to get them made instantly.

Wholesome and family-friendly theme

Customize your character in Klondike

The graphics in Klondike are in 2D but the visual arts and backgrounds and cater to players of all ages. Their cartoon-like designs used for the characters, items, and animation blend well with the users that range from kids to adults. The subtle and simple sound effects also add flavor and immersion to the game.

So if you are looking for a farming simulator that is sure to keep you entertained and immersed with the various features and adventures it offers then you should try out Klondike. Have fun and go on an adventure to explore the lands!

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